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Trusted And Responsive Houston Divorce Attorneys Representing Child Custody Cases

Legal issues surrounding family law and children are among the most complex and emotionally challenging situations a family may experience in the course of a divorce. Securing a trusted and reputable family law firm is an important first step in navigating a parenting plan that focuses on a child’s best interest and helps address the financial and emotional complexities that may emerge as a result of the divorce.

The Houston child custody attorneys at the Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C., provide a proactive and responsive approach to child custody and child support cases, working with parents in an empathetic manner to ensure our legal counsels assist in gaining as much protection possible for their rights and the well-being of their child.

Offering experienced guidance through the entire child custody process, contact our Houston divorce attorneys who are seasoned in handling child custody cases for high-net-worth individuals.

Experienced Negotiators And Litigators Advocating For Our Clients

Difficult decisions often emerge in the course of a child custody case. An experienced attorney with a caring, no-nonsense approach, Douglas Ray York and his trusted team make sure you’re well-informed through each stage of the process.

Working tirelessly to preserve your parental rights while protecting your relationship with your child is a touchstone of our firm’s mission. Taking into account your lifestyle, and your child’s needs, our efforts are focused on reaching a favorable arrangement for all parties involved.

Helping You Request A Modification To Your Existing Child Custody Or Child Support Order

Oftentimes, in the course of a child custody case or child support order, a modification request is needed to move forward and protect the integrity of a judgment. Our accomplished Houston divorce and child custody lawyers offer support to clients should they need to return to court to enforce or request a modification to a child custody or child support order.

In instances when you find yourself back in court, you can feel confident knowing that the experienced Houston child custody lawyers at the Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C., are fervently advocating on your behalf with your child’s best interests at the heart of what we do.

Understand the Different Types of Texas Child Custody

Working closely with a Houston divorce attorney who has an in-depth understanding of child custody is essential to securing a favorable outcome for you. An experienced child custody attorney will be able to help you understand the various types and aspects of custody, which include legal and physical custody.

Legal custody means the parent/guardian can make the decision on all major aspects of a child’s welfare, including their education, religious upbringing, discipline, and other components of this nature.

Physical custody means the child is living primarily with the guardian/parent and that individual is making most of the decisions when it comes to the child’s everyday needs.

  1. Sole Custody
    Sole custody is when one parent has both legal and physical custody of the child. In these situations, the child has only one primary residence.
  2. Joint Custody
    Joint custody consist of three different types of custody:
    • In joint legal custody, the parents share care and responsibilities of the child but the child only has one primary residence.
    • In shared physical custody, the child has two residences and spends at least 35% of their time with the other parent.
    • In special joint custody, certain aspects of shared physical and joint legal custody are combined.
  3. Temporary Custody
    Temporary custody is not a permanent award of custody but rather a court order that is based on the best interest of the child until a permanent hearing takes place.
  4. Split Custody
    In split custody situations, there are typically two children and each parent obtains full physical custody over one child.

Factors That Affect a Houston Child Custody Case

When determining custody, the court will look at numerous factors to determine what is in the best interest of the child/children. Courts want to ensure that the right parent is chosen and is interested in taking care of the child for the right reason; courts do not want to assert custody to a parent who is only interested in the child because of their own interests.

Our Houston child custody lawyers will help you understand the factors that affect child custody, which can include:

  • Willingness of the parents to work together in best interest of the child and share custody
  • The physical and mental well-being of the parent
  • The child-parent relationship
  • A child’s preference
  • A parent’s ability to provide stability
  • The parent’s employment situation (e.g. long hours)
  • The financial situation of either parent

Determining Child Custody in Houston

There are several options to determining child custody, including:

  • The parents are ordered to complete mediation in order to settle any disputes without having the court make the final decision.
  • Our experienced Houston child custody lawyers will work with both parties to find a reasonable resolution.
  • If both parties are unable to resolve their issues, then the court will make the final custody determination. It is always better for ex-spouses to come to an agreement; a court-ordered custody should be looked at as the final option.

Houston Child Custody Lawyers Offering Clients Trusted Guidance and Representation

If you find yourself in the process of a divorce, count on the experienced Houston divorce attorneys of the Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C. In child custody cases, seeking the legal counsel of a compassionate, yet assertive, attorney will help you develop a solution-oriented strategy to address your family’s needs.

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