Divorce without Children

In these cases, we focus primarily on determining the valuation of marital assets/debts and protecting separate property. 

In Texas all of a married person’s property is initially presumed to be community property by the court! The burden lies with you to prove that any of your property is actually separate and should not be shared with your spouse.

If you and your attorney don’t effectively demonstrate, with documentation, witnesses, etc., that your property is separate, it will be divided with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Divorce with Children

Our firm will assist you with the initial temporary child custody orders determining:

  • Where the children will be living temporarily
  • Who will stay in the marital residence and who will leave
  • Whether and how much temporary spousal maintenance will be needed/or defending against paying spousal maintenance
  • Which parent will have the right to make educational decisions, determine the children’s “home base,” and make medical and psychiatric decisions for the children

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