“Douglas has been appointed by the Judge to represent my kids twice. He has done an outstanding job of doing so while keeping his legal fees within reason. He met with each of my children individually and acted in their best interest without revealing what had been discussed with each child. He always conducted himself in a professional manner and adhered to the highest level of integrity and ethics. My only regret is that now I can’t hire him to represent me.”

– Stephen


– Sonja

“Mr. York is fantastic. I terminated two family-law certified attorneys before I hired him to represent my daughter in a custody case. If you want the big guns, then use Doug York. If you want to win, then use Doug York! He is AGGRESSIVE, professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable and a good man! He won us sole custody, a stepped-up visitation plan and $20,000.00 in attorney fees! If you want a shark, he’s the one to hire. Doug is fair. He doesn’t bill you needlessly for meetings not needed. He has changed my opinion about attorneys. I would never want to go up against him in court. During trial he shredded the deadbeat dad and it was like something you see on TV. He was our angel. I recommend him and would be happy to speak with you in person to tell you what a rock star he is!”


“Mr. York aggressively fought for me throughout my whole case, and always kept me informed every step of the way. His office was fully equipped to handle my very complex and highly contentious divorce against my husband in our child custody case. He never backed down and never gave up. I cannot thank him enough for all of his hard work.”

– Sharon D.


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