For over two decades, the Houston high-asset divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C., have protected high-net-worth individuals and their futures, helping them fairly resolve their high-asset divorces


High-Asset Divorces from Houston to the Hill Country Require Experienced Divorce Lawyers

Divorces can be complicated and costly, both emotionally and financially. However, hiring a high-asset divorce attorney in Houston that understands the need to protect your children, your property, your assets, and the very life you know is your first step to getting through a very difficult time in your life.

While you may feel overwhelmed with everything that is at stake, the Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C., can help ease the stress and give you the peace of mind you need during such a trying time in your life. We will utilize all of our resources, and pursue all avenues of research and investigation, to strengthen your case. By using mock trials in our mock courtroom for preparation, securing expert testimony from appraisers and other professionals, and working closely with financial specialists, we’ll be able to effectively protect the rights to your assets and their value.



Divorces involving high-net-worth estates or assets located in foreign/offshore jurisdictions can make a difficult situation more complicated. High-net-worth divorces require the experience, determination, and dedication of a dependable family law attorney who knows how to get the results you need. Our Houston divorce lawyers have experience handling a range of family court cases and sole custody claims, and we’re dedicated to making sure you keep what is rightfully yours.


We understand that fighting for custody of your children can be an emotional and frustrating strain on your life. With the Houston family court attorneys from the Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C., you can rest assured that results of your child custody battle are fair. We are dedicated to protecting your parent-child relationship from contentious disputes and will work vigorously to protect your personal relationships with your loved ones.


Under Texas law regarding estate protection, all property acquired during marriage is considered community property unless proven otherwise. Our experienced high-asset Houston divorce lawyers can help you to determine what property and assets belong to who, even under complex circumstances. Our focus is always on conserving the rights to your assets and resources.


If your high-asset divorce is initially ruled against your favor, it isn’t the end of the fight. You do not have to leave your children’s future to uncertainty. Our family law attorneys will guide you along the path of appeals so that you can correct the court’s previous decision and secure a better outcome for your situation.

A Reputation for Relentless Legal Representation

The Houston high-asset divorce attorneys Douglas Ray York and Alicia Franklin York are both board-certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, something of which fewer than 1% of family law attorneys across Texas have earned.

Together, our high-asset divorce attorneys represent many types of clients throughout the Greater Houston area, including:

  • Doctors and other high-net-worth medical professionals
  • Business owners and executives
  • Oil and gas professionals
  • Professional athletes
  • Spouses of any of the above

Our accomplished and experienced attorneys work hard to create effective legal strategies tailored to your specific case, no matter how intricate your financial issues or international concerns may be.

Our strategies often involve litigation where we aggressively fight on your behalf, always working with your best interest in mind. Our Houston family court attorneys are experienced in challenging expert witnesses brought forth by the opposing parties, and we thoroughly understand the credentials necessary to present an accurate financial report.

We do not back down when an analysis deviates from Texas standards and work diligently for every single one of our high-net-worth clients.

Douglas Ray York
Douglas Ray York

Douglas R. York is a native Houstonian who graduated from Spring Woods High School. He was always interested in law enforcement and earned a degree in criminal justice from Sam Houston State University while working part-time with the Walker County Sheriff’s Department.

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Texas Board Of Legal Specialization
Alicia Franklin York
Alicia Franklin York
Attorney of Counsel

Alicia Franklin York formerly served as a Texas State District Judge from 2014 through 2018, in the 311th District Court in Harris County, Houston, Texas. She has been Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 2019.

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Texas Board Of Legal Specialization
Leslie L. Jacob
Associate Attorney

Growing up in Cleveland, Mississippi, in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Leslie Jacob has always had a passion for law. Her grandfather and father practiced law together, and she has since followed in their footsteps. She interned for a Texas State Senator while attending the University of Texas in Austin prior to going to law school in Georgia.

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The York Law Difference

Our Houston area high-asset divorce attorneys understand the difficulties, concerns, and responsibilities you face. With this in mind, we will try to do everything we can to fully prepare you for your day in court.

We have a courtroom replica set up in our downtown Houston office to help you understand what to expect, prepare witnesses, and practice until you feel confident for what’s to come.

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A Trusted Reputation Throughout Houston

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How can I protect my assets in a divorce?

The prospect of losing everything is daunting. We know protecting yourself, your children and your assets is important. The Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C. created five ways to prepare, protect your assets, and have peace of mind knowing you are taking the best next steps.