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The Houston divorce attorneys for high-asset individuals at The Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C., have long been committed to excellence in legal representation, and this dedication and experience has earned the firm many awards and recognitions, including references in published legal commentary.

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Arguments, Accolades, and Articles

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Why Should We Care? The Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce

It’s another divorce of a high-profile, super-rich couple. But this isn’t just another rich pair of celebrities calling it quits. The divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates could have major implications on some of their large philanthropy efforts. Our panel makes the case on why we should care about it at all.

Douglas York

Divorces During Pandemic

Divorces rose during the pandemic and coinciding stay-at-home measures across the country. Isiah Carey speaks with Family law attorneys Doug and Alicia York to discuss the trend and what you need to know if you think your marriage is headed toward divorce.

Douglas York

Deadly FBI Raid Investigation

Douglas York and Isiah Carey discuss a deadly F.B.I. raid and subsequent Child Protective Services child custody case and potential civil action.

Supreme Court Of The State Of Texas

York Law Argument Before The Texas Supreme Court

Douglas York argues before the Texas Supreme Court regarding a Child Protective Services case (beginning at 17:31).

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Houston Business Journal

How Foreign Divorces Complicate Business Activities in Texas

Douglas York discusses the impact of an increasingly “global” Houston on divorces, particularly the issue of obtaining a valid Texas divorce.

Physician Divorce

Most Critical Financial Step in Physician Divorce: Evaluating the Practice

“…Evaluating an individual physician’s share in a medical practice properly during a divorce could be one of the most significant financial events of his or her life. It’s essential that he or she choose an attorney with substantial experience in the process who knows how to challenge the other party’s financial expert.”

Family Law Attorney
Douglas York Family Law Attorney

One Spouse Is a Physician; The Other Is Not

Douglas York writes about the importance of seeking a family law attorney who understands the unique needs of physicians during a divorce.

Family Law Attorney

Divorce When Both Spouses Are Physicians

“…An experienced attorney will also help each party properly document and protect any separate property he or she may have, apart from the joint practice. If each has his or her own representation, they are more likely to feel that their interests have been fairly and thoroughly represented at the end of the process.”

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When a Physician Files For Divorce

…“with careful thought and advance planning, a physician can get through a divorce with his or her practice and self-confidence reasonably intact, if he or she avoids the pitfalls listed here.”

USA Today

Woman claims Arian Foster is Pressuring Her To Have An Abortion

Douglas York comments on a case involving a restraining order and paternity test order.

Woman Claiming To Carry Arian Foster’s Baby Releases Texts From Him

Douglas York speaks in defense of his client regarding newly released information in the case.


College Student: Foster Got Me Pregnant, Trying To Force Me Into Abortion

Douglas York represents a young woman regarding paternity issues and alleged harassment against her.


Pregnant Woman Suing Texans Arian Foster

Douglas York discusses the details of his client’s case following the signing of a court order.