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Houston High-Asset Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Modify or Appeal a Family Law Order

Family law orders such as a divorce award, child custody order, or other ruling are intended to remain in effect. Once a court reaches a final decision, it is difficult to change its stance. However, under certain circumstances, these orders might not be permanent.

The law offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C. can help you appeal or modify a divorce or family law order. We will work closely with you to provide the strongest possible rationale for an appeal or modification.

Appealing a Family Law Decision Demands Trial Experience

Appealing child custody,  property division or adoption cases is not easy. At times, courts are reluctant to visit the facts and figures of a recent family case. Our Houston high-asset attorneys support and protect our clients when a court may have made a mistake or when an appeal is needed.

Receiving a fair outcome is critical for you and your child. We will use our trial experience to fight on your behalf and effectively communicate your position. We will highlight any legal errors that the court made in the initial case.

We also prepare writs of mandamus, if necessary, while the case is proceeding to appeal. This legal tool ensures that a higher court immediately demands the lower court does or does not do something that is legally required.


We Can Help You With Child Custody and Support Modifications

Modifications are necessary as circumstances change, For Example, a former spouse may no longer need spousal support payments, Or a parenting arrangement made for a five-year-old is no longer suitable for a 12-year-old.

As families and life evolve, you may need to request a modification to an existing order, such as:

  • child custody order or parenting agreement, which may be modified in cases of domestic abuse, parental relocation, or other factors.
  • A child support order, which may be modified if the child’s financial needs change or the parents’ resources significantly change.
  • A spousal support order, which may be modified in cases of remarriage or significant income shifts.

Whether you have concerns for your child’s wellbeing, your finances, or your rights, our Houston high net-worth divorce attorneys can help you prepare a complete and specific argument to justify a modification.

You may not need to simply accept an unfair court order decision. Let The Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C. help you seek alternatives.

Evaluate Your Options for Appealing or Modifying a Family Law Order With Experienced Houston High-Asset Divorce Attorneys Now.