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Divorce Counsel Tailored To Professionals And Physicians

Although divorce is a major life change, that does not necessarily mean that you can drop everything to focus on legal issues. If your lifestyle demands that you concentrate your time and attention elsewhere, your attorney must be ready to resolve complex issues on your behalf.

At The Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C., we understand that your career may need to remain your primary focus – even during a divorce. Our Texas lawyers frequently represent professionals who have busy schedules and demanding jobs. We can address the details of your case and help you reach the best possible solution.

Trusted For Our Experience And Efficiency

Whether you are a medical professional, an executive or another active professional, you likely value both time and quality. Entrusting your case to an attorney who lacks experience could risk mistakes, especially in terms of complex property division.

You deserve reliable counsel. Our divorce attorneys use our in-depth legal knowledge to not only minimize the duration of your case but also ensure that we leave no opportunity on the table.

Solving Divorce Issues Unique To Professionals

Your financial interests are of the utmost importance. If you have complex assets, such as business interests, intellectual property or retirement accounts, we have the skill to protect their value throughout the property division process. In addition, if you are a high earner seeking to minimize spousal support obligations, we can assertively represent your interests in court.

Regardless of your professional life, if you are a parent, you care about your children. If the other parent argues that your career would inhibit your ability to care for your child, we will counter their argument to protect your parental rights.

You Manage Daily Life – Let Us Manage Your Divorce

Based in Houston, The Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C., is ready to lift the burden of your divorce case from your shoulders. We will devote the attention to properly resolve your case while ensuring that we do so in a cost-efficient, timely manner. For a consultation, email us or call 713-479-5555.