As a society we are, thankfully, past the point where women taking on prominent roles in the workplace is considered an aberration or in any way out of the ordinary. Indeed, for decades now women have been rising through the ranks of many different types of employment, even those roles which some people may still think are more traditionally “male oriented.” So, what is the impact of a job promotion on a woman’s marital situation?

According to one recent report, a job promotion may make it more likely for a woman to consider divorce, as opposed to a man who receives a job promotion. The report examined the results of a study in which the marital status of a number of women who were promoted to the level of CEO of businesses or organizations were reviewed. The findings revealed that these women were twice as likely as their male counterparts to pursue a divorce from their spouses within three years of the job promotion.

Of course, correlation is not causation. Every marriage is different and, as a result, the factors that might lead to a divorce can vary greatly. However, greater financial independence may play a role in a person’s ability to envision a future in which they are able to move on from a relationship that may not be as rewarding as it used to be.

For Texas residents who are considering a divorce, a wide variety of factors will need to be considered. In cases in which the parties consider that the possibility of conflict and emotional turmoil is going to be high, the process can become even more of a difficult move. Our readers should be sure to get the right information about the options in their own unique family situations.