It’s common for married couples to have disagreements and the occasional conflict. Many marriages are able to address these issues and grow from the experience. 

However, there are problems that may arise in which neither spouse can overcome the issue. When issues arise that begin to erode the foundation of a marriage, it is essential for the couples to recognize whether they want to work on saving their relationship or if divorce should be considered.

Over the years, the Houston divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C., have helped many individuals–even those with a high-net-worth dealing with complex divorce cases–overcome difficult divorces in Texas. They are no stranger to the Harris County Family Court and have seen all the signs that a marriage may be over. If you feel that you have come to that crossroad, know that we can help you through it.

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How Do You Know It’s Time for a Divorce?

The family law attorneys at York Law believe that the following warning signs may suggest a marriage is over: 

1. Abuse

Abuse can take several different forms, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Any form of abuse can be catastrophic to the spouse suffering from it, and you should never have to live in fear of your partner or be concerned about your physical well-being. 

Physical abuse generally includes one spouse physically hurting the other, including beatings, throwing objects, shoving, and other related actions. 

Emotional abuse is when one partner uses words and psychological strategies to control the other spouse. Emotional abuse can leave just as devastating an effect on the sufferer and oftentimes can be even more intense.

Sexual abuse occurs when one spouse forces the other to engage in sexual activity against their own will. Sexual abuse typically involves both physical and emotional abuse and can leave lifelong scars. 

No type of abuse should be accepted by the spouse suffering, and a divorce may be needed to escape the situation.

2. Communication Has Completely Broken Down

When you are no longer able to clearly communicate with your spouse about your needs, hopes, and general expectations of your marriage, this can lead to a deterioration in your relationship. 

Alongside being able to communicate with your partner, it’s also critical that you listen and understand their needs as well.

Challenges with communication can be overcome with honest work and therapy; however, if a lack of communication continues for a prolonged period of time, it may be a sign that your marriage is coming to an end.  

3. Physical Intimacy is Lacking 

As most married couples know, physical intimacy changes over time. There may be times in a relationship when physical intimacy rises or falls; couples are often able to come to an understanding and will work to remain emotionally and physically intimate in a manner that meets both of their needs. 

However, when one spouse becomes physically repulsed and dreads any sort of physical intimacy, it generally means the end of a marriage.

10% or less of the married population below 50 have not been intimate in the past year. Less than 20% of married couples under 40 report only having intimacy a few times per year. #LawOfficesofDouglasYork #Divorce

4. Infidelity

Infidelity can take the shape of physical or emotional intimacy. This generally occurs when a marriage is already struggling. When a spouse is engaged in infidelity, they will generally begin lying and become more secretive, which can place an even greater strain on the marriage. 

Once you become aware of infidelity, it can be difficult to move on, especially if the cheating took place for a prolonged period of time or between your spouse and a friend or family member.

Infidelity is a major hurdle in marriages and one that some couples never overcome. 

5. Lack of Respect

Marriage only works when spouses respect each other. When spouses lack respect for each other’s feelings, values, opinions, and choices, it can ruin your relationship. 

6. Emotional Intimacy is Missing

Similar to physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is an essential part of marriage. When emotional intimacy is lacking in a relationship, one of the spouses may attempt to connect with another to fulfill those needs–which can lead to infidelity.

Additionally, a lack of emotional intimacy may suggest that one of the spouses has already emotionally left the marriage and is no longer engaged or invested in the relationship. 

When spouses are no longer emotionally connected and there appears to be no hope of reconnecting, then divorce may be the final option.

7. One Spouse Makes All the Decisions 

Marriages are a partnership, and when it comes to important decisions related to finances, household, child-rearing, career, and other family matters, both spouses should have equal opportunity to add their input and come to an agreement that both agree upon. 

When trouble arises in a marriage, one partner may begin to make all the important decisions on their own, purposely avoiding the input of the other. This can be detrimental to a marriage and may be considered a sign that the relationship is almost over.  

8. Destructive Addictions 

Addiction can be a powerful disease that not only affects the inflicted but also their family members and spouse. While most consider addiction to only mean alcohol and drugs, the reality is that people can have a wide array of addictions like gambling, shopping, sexual addiction, and others that create mistrust and wreak havoc in a relationship.

While most couples will attempt to work through the addiction of one spouse, it can be a challenge if the addicted spouse does not make any effort to change or recover from their disease. 

Addiction can immediately put a marriage in jeopardy. 

Addiction is the third most common reason for divorces filed by women and the eight most common reason for men. #LawOfficesofDouglasYork #Divorce #Attorney via Share on X

9. Having an Exit Strategy & Considering a Future Without Your Spouse  

In a healthy marriage, couples work together to overcome issues, whether they be related to their relationship, finances, or some other challenge they are facing.

When a spouse begins to develop an exit strategy, including opening a separate bank account to begin saving money for the moment they leave, this can be a warning sign that a divorce is being planned. 

If a spouse is also fantasizing about a future without the other spouse, this is typically a sign that they are no longer invested in the relationship.

10. Money Deception

Money can play a critical role in the dissolution of a marriage. This can come about when one of the spouses fails to share full financial disclosure or is not upfront about money issues while still controlling the finances.

Money deception can be prevalent in high-net-worth marriages where one spouse is bringing in a substantial salary and is not always upfront about how much they are bringing in. If this were to happen, filing for divorce in Houston may be the best solution.

What to Do If You Notice Warnings Signs of a Divorce

If you are dealing with any of the scenarios previously mentioned, it could mean that your marriage is in serious trouble. However, it does not guarantee that the marriage is completely over, but that an honest conversation needs to be had between spouses. 

In some instances, a marriage counselor or family therapist can help to correct any issues and set the marriage back on track. 

However, it’s essential to have a meaningful and open conversation to uncover whether or not you want to attempt to fix the relationship. If a divorce is imminent, it’s better to be honest about what is happening as this can improve your chances of achieving a good and amicable separation. 

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