Despite the constant changes we’ve grown accustomed to happening in today’s world, when you find yourself in the midst of a divorce, it’s easy to feel like life has turned upside down. With so much on the line, including custody of your children, financial security, assets, and more, hiring the right high-asset and child custody attorney can be the most important decision you make to secure a positive outcome.

A highly-experienced Houston high-asset divorce attorney will be the best resource to protect your assets and to offer a pathway toward a fair resolution. When a large number of assets are involved— business assets, financial assets, properties, or other types— it’s important to have an attorney that represents high-asset clients, because asset division will be the most time-consuming and important factor in the divorce proceedings. 

Divorce can be one of the most trying experiences you’ll endure, and in high-net-worth divorces, the process can also be complex. Educating yourself on the process will help you navigate some of the challenges that may arise, and will allow you to work more efficiently with your attorney through negotiations and resolution. 

Strategies and Tips for Choosing the Right High-Asset Divorce Attorney

When the time comes for you to select representation, there are many factors to consider to help guide your decision. Experience is paramount, so the process should begin by looking for an attorney with a solid reputation and a proven track record. Industry accolades from recognized organizations help you gauge what others are saying through peer reviews and professional achievements. 

In a high-asset divorce, it’s probable you’ll work with more than one attorney. When choosing legal representation, ensuring you have a team looking out for your best interest will help you feel at ease. A compassionate and skillful team knows how to maneuver through circumstances that may turn contentious. 

Before filing for divorce, have a plan. Make sure you sit down with your attorney and discuss a plan of action to keep the divorce amicable. Should a spouse challenge the actions of the divorce, be sure you feel confident knowing your attorney is putting together a plan that mitigates harm to children, and the financial structure you’re working to protect. 

If you’re looking to find your attorney through referrals and recommendations, don’t just take a friend or family member’s word that you’ll be working with the best. Ask the right questions about the recommended lawyer, including:

  • What was the outcome of their most recent case?
  • Did the attorney understand the case?
  • Did the attorney advocate on the client’s behalf?
  • What strategies did the attorney use?
  • How responsive is the attorney by phone and/or email?
  • What experience and qualifications does the attorney have?
  • How realistic are the expectations set by the attorney? 
  • Does the attorney make promises or guarantee a certain outcome? 
  • Is the attorney compassionate?
  • Do they pay attention well to the concerns of their clients?

Resolving Your Divorce Before It Goes to Litigation

Even though you are in the midst of filing for divorce, it doesn’t have to mean that your high-asset divorce has to be contested. Though your case may involve greater financial assets, skilled Houston high-asset divorce attorneys may discuss opportunities to save their client time, grief, and money by negotiating an agreement before going to court to proceed with the divorce. 

This may be an alternative in cases where children are involved, or in instances where a common business interest will remain after a divorce, or even when a couple wishes to remain on amicable terms. In some instances, a couple may wish to keep their financial record out of public record, and reaching an accord may serve their best interests. 

The takeaway is to be willing to work with a high-asset attorney who doesn’t leave anything off the table. In some cases, reaching creative solutions will be beneficial to a client’s emotional and financial well-being. 

Trusted and Respected High-Asset Divorce Attorneys In Houston 

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