Any divorce can leave the couple involved exhausted once the process is completed, whether it was a fairly straightforward case or if it was highly contentious and drawn out. The fact of the matter is that divorce can be an extremely emotional process to go through, especially if children are involved. However, at the end of the case, divorces that involved child custody issues will end with an order from the court that details how child custody issues, such as visitation, legal custody and other issues, are to be handled by the now-divorced couple.

But, what if your ex-spouse does not comply with the child custody arrangement as ordered by the court? For some newly divorced couples, it may begin as a small breach of the arrangement, like dropping off the kids an hour later than agreed, or calling to talk to the child during the other parent’s dedicated time with the child. These breaches of the child custody arrangement may seem innocent enough at first – maybe perceived as simple mistakes – but, in the long-run, some parents will take it further and flat-out ignore what they are supposed to do under the terms of the child custody arrangement.

If this happens, most people will attempt to resolve the issues themselves. A stern and frank reminder of the terms of the child custody arrangement might be the first step, and then threats of legal action after that. But, if the other parent simply refuses to abide by the terms of the child custody arrangement, actual legal action may be needed.

After all, the terms of the child custody arrangement are, in fact, an order from the family law court that handled the case. If a parent is not complying with those terms, that is a breach of a court order, for which the court may order certain remedies as consequences. Any Texas residents who are facing these issues will likely need to get more information about the specific options available to them in their own unique family law situation.